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Upload Tool Improvement

Currently, the Upload tool requires you to go through all of the 3 steps and then save the uploaded equipment to your All Saved Models page before you can see if the equipment you uploaded has the data you need. If the saved equipment actually doesn't have the type of data that you need, you have to then figure out which pieces don't have the right info, delete them, manually search similar equipment models that do have the correct product data, and then finally save those instead.

It would be extremely helpful to see ahead of time what product data is associated with the equipment models you are uploading while you are going through the 3 upload steps. This would also allow you to quickly change your equipment model selection to a model that has the info you need, saving time and energy. 

Building on this idea, when the Upload tool indicates that a piece of equipment doesn't have info for a product like the Rental Rate Blue Book, you could click a button that provides suggestions to similar models that DO have Blue Book rates. 

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  • Dec 1 2017
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